Minsuk Chang

Research Scientist at Naver AI Lab.

Hi :) I am a technical leader + research scientist at NAVER AI Lab, where I explore novel computational interaction techniques powered by AI technologies. I build and evaluating AI powered systems with users in the loop. I am also an adjunct professor at the KAIST Graduate School of AI

My current research interests are 1) making massive scale language models usable and useful, 2) simulation-based models of users and interfaces, and 3) modeling conversational interactions,

I have a PhD in Computer Science from KAIST. During my PhD, I was advised by Juho Kim in the KIXLAB.


Aug 2021 “What Changes Can Large-scale Language Models Bring? Intensive Study on Billions-scale Korean Generative Pretrained Transformers” has been accepted to EMNLP2021! :tada:
Jun 2021 Excited to serve on the program committee for HCOMP 2021 and as an AC for Learning, Education, Families subcommittee @ CHI 2022!
Jun 2021 Invited on the CUI 2021 industry panel to discuss future of conversational interfaces. Can’t wait!
May 2021 Happy to finally announce the one and only hyperscale Korean language model(204B parameters) at NAVER AI Now. My team built HyperCLOVA Studio, an interactive development tool to help rapid prototyping of AI-backed products by leveraging the language model.
May 2021 “NeuralWOZ: Learning to Collect Task-Oriented Dialogue via Model-Based Simulation” had been accepted to ACL2021! :tada: