Minsuk Chang

Research Scientist at Naver AI Lab.

Seattle, WA, July 2018

Hi :) I am a research scientist at Naver AI Lab. I am currently building a research team around HCI x AI, exploring novel techniques in computational interaction powered by AI technologies. My research focuses on making AI technologies useful for people by building novel interaction techniques.

I’m recruiting interns for 2021 Summer. If you’re interested in 1) modeling conversational interactions, 2)massive scale language models like GPT-3, and 3) modeling users as computationally rational agents, please reach out to me as well.

I have a PhD in Computer Science from KAIST. During my PhD, I was advised by Juho Kim in the KIXLAB.


Dec 2020 Excited to be on the Visualization Meets AI 2021 program committee!
Dec 2020 4 papers have been conditionally accepted for CHI 2021!! :tada: More details soon!
Dec 2020 Our workshop on social media as a research tool has been accepted for CHI 2021!! :tada:
Nov 2020 Excited to be on the organizing committee for UIST 2021!
Sep 2020 A new chapter begins at Naver!